To The Girl Who Thinks She's HARD TO LOVE

Updated: Aug 4

You are not cursed ! There is nothing wrong with you ! I repeat, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. Your hair isn’t too short or too long. You’re not too skinny or too fat. You’re not too assertive or too passive. You don’t need to spend more “ time” loving yourself (puke). You don’t need to do anything to earn someone else’s love. You do need to do one thing.

You need to DECIDE.

You need to decide that you will not allow any man to disrespect you, in any way.  This includes when a man may : disregard or minimize your feelings, not call or show up when they say they will, ghosts you for any period of time, shows inconsistency or that they are not dependable, speaks to you disrespectfully, cancels on you last minute, continually avoids important conversations, blatantly judges or criticizes you or makes you feel unsafe emotionally or physically.

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