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Counseling for Women’s Issues

Counseling for Women’s Issues

Over 1 in 5 women struggled with their mental health during the past year. In these modern times, where we never know what tomorrow may bring, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed or lost. But you don’t have to deal with these feelings alone—counseling for women’s issues can help you feel like the hero of your own story again.

At Holistic Mental Health Counseling Services, we’re a female-founded, female-driven team with a deep passion and respect for the power of counseling. Our licensed professionals are certified in not just traditional talk therapy, but also newer, transformative somatic therapies.

What is Counseling for Women’s Issues?

Counseling for women’s issues refers to therapy that’s specifically focused on issues and challenges unique to women. It’ll likely come as no surprise to learn that women report significantly higher struggles with depression and anxiety through adulthood.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough or that you need to be doing more.

It’s a painful truth that many recent events—from the pandemic to nationwide legislation—have made it harder than ever to navigate life as a woman without completely burning out.

This is why, now more than ever, counseling for women’s issues may be what you need.

The potential benefits include:

When you attend counseling for women’s issues, each session is custom-tailored to help you learn how to get back in touch with who you really are. The overall purpose is to help you reclaim wellness, and in turn, support you in building your senses of self-trust and self-love.

The most important thing to know throughout the process is that you already possess within you the power to heal on a deep, transformative level. We’re here to help you unlock and access this dormant ability in a safe, supportive environment.

Common Reasons Women Seek Counseling

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that counseling for women’s issues can transform your life, regardless of whether you have any kind of mental health diagnosis. If you feel like you could use some support, you can benefit from counseling.

That said, women face many specific issues that just don’t affect other people in nearly the same way. Here are some of the most common reasons women seek counseling.

Women Stuck in Masculine Energy

Masculine energy can be a good thing when it helps you feel empowered and take risks. But when you’re stuck in this space for so long that you feel constantly on edge, short-tempered, and in “alpha” mode, it might be time to find balance through counseling.

High Achieving Women with Imposter Syndrome

Being a high achiever and struggling with imposter syndrome often go hand in hand. These feelings can come from many places, like your culture, environment, and family. You deserve to view these achievements—and yourself—with respect and pride.

High Achieving Women

Even if you don’t have imposter syndrome, being a high-achieving woman isn’t easy in today’s world. Whether you’re struggling to maintain a work/life balance or need help with stress management, counseling can provide the support you need.

Single Mothers

Single mothers know just how difficult it is to give kids everything they need and deserve without sacrificing self-care. As counselors who specialize in the issues single moms often face, we’re here to help you with therapy and every resource we know of.

Female CEOs

It’s no secret that the professional world is hard on female CEOs. From a lack of flexibility and support to people in your life not supporting your career goals, it can feel like there’s no one in your corner when you need them. We’re here to validate you when you need it most.

Overworked Therapists

Overworked female therapists have sadly become a major issue in the healthcare industry. As women, we feel responsible for caring for the influx of patients following the pandemic. Your mental health matters—it’s crucial that you refill your own cup sometimes.

Unsupported Therapists

The entire healthcare industry has shifted dramatically since early 2020. If you’re a female therapist feeling frustrated and unsupported in your current role, counseling can help you determine whether to advocate for yourself or move on to another practice.

People Pleasers

Women are still seen as humanity’s caretakers in many ways. As a result, it’s shockingly common for women to fall into people-pleasing behaviors. Your self-worth has nothing to do with validation from others, and counseling can help you gain that perspective.

Adult Children

An adult child is someone who, due to experiences during childhood, tends to act and make decisions from a place of self-doubt and fear. It isn’t your fault that you grew up in a dysfunctional household, and counseling can help you overcome these issues.

People with Dissociative Disorders

When it comes to dissociative disorders, women are more likely to be diagnosed than men. While these issues often start with a traumatic event, it isn’t always the case. Therapy will empower you to have control over your symptoms, feel safer, and cope when stressed.

People with Loud Inner Critic

We all have an inner critic to contend with. But when it gets so loud you struggle to see the positive things about yourself, it’s time to learn some soothing strategies. Your therapist will work with you to seriously turn down the volume of these thoughts.

Perfectionist Women

Realizing that perfection is a myth is one of the most freeing moments you can have in life. Perfectionism is primarily a way for us to feel like we’re in 100% control at any given moment, which just isn’t realistic. Therapy can teach you to release this expectation.

Female Trauma Survivors

Women experience PTSD at more than twice the rate of men. If you’re a female trauma survivor, you may be more profoundly impacted by these past events than you even realize. Somatic therapy allows your mind and your body to heal on a cellular level.

How Does Counseling for Women Differ from General Counseling?

Counseling for women differs from general counseling in that women experience the world in a very different way from others, and as a result, they have unique mental health needs.

The truth is, our world is based around gender in many ways. Just think about the first question typically asked of any pregnant person: “What are you having?”

Before we’ve even been born, our gender begins to shape our lives.

So, counseling for women’s issues directly addresses these differences and the vast impacts they have on your life—both day-to-day and long-term. There’s no beating around the bush or generic advice about journaling more often.

If you’ve ever thought something along the lines of, “I just need to get my head on straight, be stronger, and fake it ‘till I make it,” it’s a great sign that you could benefit from speaking with one of our compassionate, certified counselors who specializes in women’s issues.

How Do I Find a Counselor Specializing in Women’s Issues?

You can find a counselor specializing in women’s issues by following these steps:

  1. Think about which specific symptoms or issues you most want to work on.
  2. Determine a budget range by looking at your insurance and finances.
  3. Do an online search for “counseling for women’s issues New York” (or whichever city/town you’re in).
  4. Narrow down your options by looking at reviews and the clinic’s website.
  5. When you’re down to just a few options, reach out to each with any initial questions you have regarding their approach and background.
  6. Book a session with your top choice and prepare a few notes about what you’ve been struggling with and what your goals are.
  7. After the first one to three sessions, check in with yourself. Does this person seem like a good fit who has the expertise to help you? If not, repeat steps three through seven—it’s completely normal to “try on” a few options.

Our team of certified therapists specializes in counseling for women’s issues. And as a female-founded practice, many of us have overcome the same hurdles you’re facing right now. If you’re ready to reclaim your wellness and become the hero of your own story again, call us at (917) 781-0041 (for New York) or (732) 242-3313 (for New Jersey.)