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Welcome to Holistic Mental Health Counseling Services
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We are a team of mental health counselors who specialize in treating anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and trauma. We help people free themselves from the limitations of trauma...so they can create authentic relationships with themselves and the world around them.

Who are we? How can we help?

Okay.. so you’ve been thinking about reaching out to a therapist or returning to therapy but you’re not sure if it’s going to help. You don’t want to sit there and relive your entire childhood or have someone stare at you blankly while you don’t get any results. Opening up to someone about the personal details of your life and not knowing what to expect can be daunting, we get it!

That’s why our team of trauma informed therapists have completed advanced training in somatic (mind-body) therapy interventions that work in tandem with traditional talk therapy. What’s great about it is that you see results much quicker than traditional talk therapy. We’ve honed in on the areas in which this type of treatment is most effective: anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, eating disorders, and interpersonal relationships. We want you to know that we work with these symptoms day in and day out and that THEY CAN BE HEALED. We offer convenient online sessions from the comfort of your own home, #HealingInYourPjs :)

The Bad

You might watch yourself continue engaging in patterns of behavior that don’t serve you and think to yourself I don’t understand why I can’t just stop it, or ignore it, or get over it. It’s not your fault! 80% of our behaviors are motivated by subconscious information stored in our bodies and are linked to earlier experiences that never had a chance to be healed. This can range from small or big moments in which you felt rejected, neglected, afraid, or alone in
processing big emotions.

The Good

When applied consistently the somatic interventions we use in therapy have the ability to literally rewire your brain and remove many negative symptoms and behaviors that are impeding your well being. We offer treatment using Brainspotting, (AEDP) Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, and Internal Family Systems work. When appropriate we also blend in talk therapy, CBT, and mindfulness. Our approach is holistic in that we don’t just put a bandaid over your symptoms. We take into account the powerful mind, body and spirit connection and look at the whole person instead of just symptom reduction. We search for the root of the problem and work closely with you to address it.

We’ve worked really hard to become experts at what we do so that we can guide you through the process. We know your brain has the ability to heal itself, we just help you access those subconscious blocks so that you can break free from old limitations that may be holding you back in several areas of your life. For a deeper understanding of these advanced interventions and what to expect during your therapeutic journey please check out our “therapy services” page.

Our Therapists Provide a Wide Range of Services

How to Schedule an Appointment

Our client care team understands that every situation is different and that finding the right therapist is an essential part of the process.

Call our office at 917-781-0041 or email us at clientcare@holisticmentalhealthnyc.com and our client care team will match you with the therapist that best suits your needs; whether it be one of our therapists or an outside referral.

We want you to feel 100% supported and cared for. You can also browse below to meet our team of clinicians and get a feel for their own unique specialties. For questions regarding rates and how to use insurance please visit our FAQ page. We look forward to working with you and want to tell you that making time for yourself is a heroic act of self love and is the first step in experiencing a more fulfilled and happy life.

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