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Your Wellness Journey with Holistic Mental Health Counseling

Step 1

You are searching for support Things you might be thinking to yourself ...​

"I just can't relax"

" Why are my relationships so stressful?"

Like you have periods of high productivity and then you crash

​ "Why do I have so much anxiety? I just want this to go away"

Like you're always focused on everybody else at the cost of your own needs

Step 2

You Contact Us

There are three ways you can contact us:

Step 3

You Get Matched

Our client care team gets to know you and helps you match with the therapist that is best suited to work with your symptoms, lifestyle needs, and goals.

Step 4

Help Us Get to Know You
  • Look for your Welcome E-mail
  • Click the link to the client portal to fill out all the New Patient Forms
  • This information gets sent directly to your therapist via our protected platform and prepares them for your first session. (Your forms must be completed before your first appointment)

Step 5

Attend your first appointment + begin your wellness journey
  • Find a comfy + private spot where you can attend your first online therapy session
  • Call our office at (917) 781-0041
  • For more information about what to expect, see this page
  • Applaud yourself for taking this important step to prioritize your wellbeing #WellnessIsYourBirthright
We've got your back...
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