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I work closely with adolescents and young adults who are struggling as they navigate through difficult life transitions, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and trauma. I also work with children presenting with behavioral, social and adjustment issues. I am dedicated to creating a safe, non-judgmental space where my clients can be their most authentic and vulnerable selves. My goal is to make sure that my clients always feel supported and see real, tangible progress. In my work with my clients, I blend traditional talk therapy with IFS, brainspotting, CBT, mindfulness, and somatic interventions in order to create a fully holistic and supportive therapeutic experience. These somatic interventions go beyond talk therapy and remove trauma from the body.

The collaborative approach I take enables my clients to feel both supported and empowered through the therapeutic process. I actively guide them through building on their own strengths as well as learning new skills in order to work through barriers and challenges they are facing. I have a strong focus on helping my clients get in touch with their own personal power. My clients learn to take one thing at a time and develop trust in themselves to navigate unexpected situations. This enables them to emerge from therapy feeling confident, resilient, and in control of their lives. My compassionate and goal oriented work with my clients allows them to achieve relief, growth, and powerful levels of self-acceptance.

Fun fact: I love to travel and explore places I’ve never seen before. My favorite place so far is Italy and I would love to go on a safari in South Africa one day.

Christina Carbone, LMHC Specialties: Brainspotting, Internal Family Systems, AEDP, CBT

Since I was a small child I could sense people’s emotions and found myself comforting those around me. These experiences created an inquisitive thirst for knowledge and led to the pursuit of my work and education in psychology and mental health counseling. After 12 years working with clients from all walks of life, I have dedicated my free time to learning everything I can about trauma, anxiety and the best interventions out there to relieve people from the emotional pain it causes. IFS (Internal family Systems) and Brainspotting are the most transformational methods I have found when working with clients experiencing trauma.

I have found that taking a holistic approach and blending traditional talk therapy with somatic therapy and other resources like daily meditation and exercise provides a lasting and concise path to emotional wellbeing. Specifically IFS and brainspotting pair particularly well when resolving trauma. Wellness is our birthright and my mission is to help people free themselves from the limitations of trauma and anxiety.

Fun fact: I’m a Harry Potter superfan and I would definitely be a Ravenclaw 🙂

Lucia Falcone, LHMC Specialties: Brainspotting, Internal Family Systems, AEDP, CBT

I find myself working with many clients in young adulthood who are seeking to create a balanced life amidst all the changes happening around them, from career choices to their shifting self image and relationships.I specialize in working with anxiety, panic, depression, relationship issues, and trauma (sometimes stemming from childhood). Some of the common issues I often work with are: difficulty setting boundaries, negative self talk, and difficulty finding direction and purpose in life.

I strive to create a warm and relaxed environment in which we can work collaboratively and openly. Creating this safe space to express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions with curiosity, instead of avoiding them, is an essential part of beginning to heal. I can assure you that I listen thoughtfully and we will work at a pace with which you are most comfortable. I will meet you where you are, and encourage you to speak candidly about the issues that are causing you distress which in turn, comes with the power to make real lasting changes. We will tap into your natural strengths and identify new ways to approach communication, relationships, life and work. My therapeutic approach is strengths based psychodynamic, CBT, mindfulness, somatic work and other cutting edge modalities to make sure you have access to all the resources you need to make progress. I am dedicated to helping you create the integrated, healthy, and aligned life you deserve.

Fun fact: love to cook and host any event/occasion for my family and friends! I also love to hang out with my Pomeranian, German Sheppard and golden retriever on my off time.

Christina Smith, MHC-LP Specialties: Brainspotting, Internal Family Systems, AEDP, CBT

You might feel like you have lost your voice or you just don’t know where it went. Many of my clients come to me experiencing issues with self-esteem and close relationships. They are typically seeking help navigating difficult life transitions and have old wounds from past trauma that impede their ability to set boundaries and enjoy the fullness of life. Anxiety and fear should not be a part of your day to day life. I am deeply invested in helping my clients get real tangible results, liberate themselves from old wounds, and embody confidence. In therapy, my “down to Earth” counseling style and advanced training in somatic, DBT, and mindfulness interventions allow me to work effectively with my clients. My goal is to help you feel understood, fully supported, and never alone throughout your entire time working with me. In therapy, we will work to establish your voice, set healthy boundaries, and you will learn to trust yourself again.

My goal is to help each one of my clients work through challenging life situations and transitions. I provide each client with a safe space to be their true selves. My counseling style is open, compassionate, and client centered. My down to Earth personality is something that my clients tell me allows them to feel comfortable developing a trusting therapeutic relationship with me. In addition to talk therapy, I often use somatic, mindfulness and DBT techniques, depending on the needs of the client. I like to use creative and proven methods to guide each client to think out of the box in order to reach their full potential.

Fun Fact: I am a huge animal lover and I play on a softball team =)

Danielle Mullen, MHC-LP Specialties: Brainspotting, Internal Family Systems, AEDP, CBT, DBT

Choosing to embark on a therapeutic journey with the right therapist can be essential in developing a harmonious, well-balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life. I strive to provide a safe environment of non-judgment, respect, trust, and collaboration for clients. The therapy process is unique for everyone, and I find it essential to meet clients where they are at. I provide a space of openness and honesty, in which I encourage my clients to be their most authentic selves and come face to face with the parts of themselves that may be holding them back from healing and growing.

Disconnection from your true self is what I see creates many problem areas in people’s lives: unhealthy relationships, weak interpersonal boundaries, lack of self-esteem, panic, anxiety and fear based decisions and behaviors. When I begin working with my clients I help them repair this separation and come back into alignment with who they always have been deep down.

While working with clients I utilize a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing techniques. Most recently I have begun integrating somatic therapies such as AEDP that address trauma on a neurological level. I have experience working with adolescents, young adults, and adults from diverse cultures. I have worked with clients experiencing difficulties with depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, low self-esteem, negative self-talk, difficulties with boundary setting, life transitions, stress management, and more. My goal is to provide clients with the space to process their experiences, gain insight into their internal processes and empower them to create the shifts required to improve their quality of life.

Fun Fact: I love to read, cook, and bake during my free time! I also love hiking and anything nature-related.

Sarah Efrosman, MHC-LP Specialties: Internal Family Systems, AEDP, CBT
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