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Panic Attack Counseling

Panic Attack Counseling

Panic Attack Therapy

As humans, we’re hardwired to enter “fight or flight” mode when our mind or body perceives a threat. These instincts were instrumental to the survival of humanity in past centuries. Back then, these feelings were your body’s way of alerting you to real danger.

We still have these instincts in modern times. And in truly dangerous situations, they can still be useful.

Unfortunately, these feelings can also manifest at times that aren’t appropriate. Panic attacks are a perfect example. They can come from seemingly nowhere or be triggered by something specific.

But regardless of the cause, panic attacks are incredibly disruptive. Your heartbeat becomes irregular. You may start sweating or feeling nauseous. Dizziness and a feeling of disorientation are common, too.

You shouldn’t have to struggle through life worrying about when your next panic attack will happen. And you don’t have to!

Our panic attack counseling methods can help you work through these issues and stop living in fear of the next episode. Repressing your feelings causes them to come up at inopportune times sometimes in the form of panic attacks. But you can choose to get ahead of them and address them proactively in therapy. It’s a matter of when, wouldn’t you rather have a say of when and how you deal with your emotions? At Holistic Mental Health Counseling, we’re your partners on your journey towards wellness.

What Happens When You Have a Panic Attack?

Here are the most common symptoms experienced during a panic attack:

  • Feeling disoriented
  • Rapid negative thought loops
  • Feeling unstable
  • Uncontrollable shakiness
  • Nausea
  • Irregular, racing heartbeat
  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling breathless or like you can’t get enough air
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating

When you have a panic attack, you’re basically experiencing very intense and sudden anxiety or fear. So not only do you have the physical symptoms listed above—your thoughts will also be racing, too.

A panic attack normally lasts just a few minutes. But it could last up to a half hour in extreme cases. Panic attack therapy can help shorten the length of each episode at first. The goal is eventually learning how to prevent them before they start.

How Can Therapy Help Manage Panic Attacks?

Therapy helps manage panic attacks by teaching you new ways of behaving, thinking, and reacting to the feelings involved with a panic attack. In the safe space of your sessions, you and your panic attack therapist will talk through these processes. By integrating somatic therapy you can remove the body’s response to situations that it normally pairs with danger, that are not dangerous and literally rewire the neural pathways in your brain.

Think of it this way. In school, we were taught the procedures for staying safe during earthquakes and fires. By learning the process in a safe setting, you were prepared for if the real thing were to happen.

Panic attack therapy works in a very similar way.

You’ll learn and practice specific steps to manage any future panic attacks. Then, when the real thing happens, you’re prepared thanks to your practice. Our end goal is getting you to a place where you can prevent an episode before it starts.

But you’ll do a lot more than learn tips and tricks. You and your counselor will confront the underlying fears and beliefs responsible for your panic attacks.

The root cause is different for everyone. Once your therapist has had enough time to get to know you, they’ll work with you step by step to address the root and help you create safety in your mind and body.

Effectiveness of Panic Attack Counseling

When you suffer from ongoing panic attacks, living life can seem very challenging. It’s common to start avoiding certain places or situations that might trigger one. For many people, trying to find the time and energy for panic attack therapy can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!

And if you aren’t certain whether the sessions will be effective, overcoming this contradiction can feel impossible.

Part of you wants to try a new potential solution. But another part of you wants to hide away and avoid anything new or stressful.

So, we’ve rounded up some data on the effectiveness of panic attack counseling. Once you understand the benefits, booking your first session feels like a much smaller hurdle.

Studies have found that panic attack therapy is one of the most consistently effective treatment methods. And 77% of people suffering from panic disorder saw an improvement with therapy.

You’re probably wondering how panic attack counseling stacks up compared to medications. Research shows that therapy for anxiety/panic disorders is more effective than anti-anxiety medication.

The most important thing to note, though, is the time commitment. One session won’t be enough to make much improvement. On average, you’ll need 3 to 5 months of regular sessions before feeling like your panic attacks have been 100% treated.

But it usually doesn’t take 3 months to start feeling better. You’ll likely notice small improvements in your life after just a few sessions. If your therapist is trained in somatic therapy, you can see results much sooner. When looking for a therapist you don’t want someone who lists 20+ specialties on their profile, you want someone who specializes and has success working specifically with panic attacks and if they are trained in somatic therapy that’s a huge bonus because anxiety are trauma are stored in the body and can’t be released with talk therapy alone! Somatic therapy ties in the missing peace to treating the root of the issue, the body!

Costs and Insurance for Panic Attack Counseling

Effective and specialized therapy isn’t always cheap. It can be tempting to try and find a therapist that is in network and see what kind of progress you can make. The problem is that many therapists who specialize in somatic therapy and other effective interventions that you need, do not accept insurance.

At Holistic Mental Health Counseling, we are aware of this ,CATCH-22, common issue. As a result we have registered with most insurance companies to do our best to make therapy affordable and accessible to you while making sure our therapists are getting fairly compensated for their advanced training expertise. Here’s how it works:

If you have insurance, find out if they offer out-of-network benefits. We’re an out-of-network option with most insurance providers. With this option, your insurance typically covers 30 to 60% of the cost. We bill your insurance company directly and obtain a portion of the cost from them, bringing down your out of pocket cost anywhere from 50.00 – 150.00. If we are in network with your insurance company, you’ll only have to pay your assigned co-pay. If you’re self pay we offer different discounted fee ranges depending on how seasoned your therapist is. All of our therapists specialize in treating anxiety, panic, depression, trauma and relationship issues and are trained in at least one form of somatic therapy. So you are gaining access to working with a therapist who has advanced training in the specific interventions you need without paying full price.

You can’t put a price on reclaiming your relief and freedom in life. That’s why our entire team strives to provide beneficial, high-quality service.

We’re not focused on the money—it’s about helping you through your journey towards better mental health. This mission is why every type of counseling we provide is holistic. By looking past your diagnosis to see the real you, we can offer the most effective and impactful types of therapy. If you’re ready to break free from the bondage of panic and anxiety, the first step is contacting us 917-781-0041.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Panic Attacks Be Completely Cured?

You can absolutely lessen and then eliminate living life with frequent panic attacks. In a life threatening situation some of these same symptoms can be beneficial to help you survive. Our panic attack treatments help your brain and body unpair a panic attacks response to situations that are not life threatening and can stop them from occurring at ineffective times.

The important thing to remember here is that you can heal and move forward from these issues. Even better, you’ll learn coping techniques and skills that you can use for the rest of your life.

What is the Difference Between a Panic Attack and an Anxiety Attack?

Here are the hallmarks of a panic attack:

  • Usually triggered by something, but not always
  • Symptoms seem to “come out of nowhere”
  • Feelings of detachment and inability to continue your current activity
  • Usually only last a few minutes

An anxiety attack, however, looks more like this:

  • Brought on by a perceived threat or source of stress
  • Symptoms slowly build up over time, rather than happening suddenly
  • Symptoms can be mild enough that you can continue your current activity
  • Can last for much longer than a panic attack

So, panic attacks and anxiety attacks do have similar symptoms. But you can tell them apart by thinking about how long the attack lasted and how suddenly it started.

What Should I Be Looking for in a Counselor or Therapist?

In a panic attack therapist or counselor, you should look for someone who:

  • Has specialized somatic training. It is important to address the physiological links that underpin the cause of panic attacks. Talk therapy alone won’t cut it! Seeking out a somatic therapist ,well versed in correcting these physiological responses, is key and can make a huge difference in effectiveness and how quickly you see progress.
  • Fits your personality. You need to click with this person and feel like you can trust them. You’re not looking for a friendship, but a sense of rapport. If you don’t feel a connection within one to two sessions, move on.
  • Gets on your level. A good panic attack therapist will share their knowledge with you without using lots of jargon. They strike you as an honest expert who’s focused on helping you.
  • Believes in you. Panic attack counseling is about getting better. If your counselor seems to treat you like you’re broken or unfixable, they aren’t a good match.

At Holistic Mental Health Counseling, we believe that wellness is your birthright. Nobody deserves to struggle through life, battling panic and fear at the worst possible moments. Life has so many wonderful things to offer you.

As your team for mental healthcare, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. We guide your journey towards wellness with customized panic attack counseling. And no matter what happens along the way, you’ll have our full support.

Are you ready to take the first step on this voyage? Click the button below to get started.