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Online Therapy

Who is online counseling for?

Online therapy is for anybody experiencing unwanted symptoms in their life, who also finds making time for self-care difficult. If you’re thinking this describes quite a few people, you aren’t wrong. These unwanted symptoms can range from: lack of self confidence, anxiety, trauma, and depression to relationship issues. Whatever is going on, getting the right therapist to help you navigate through it has never been more convenient and easy to access.

You see, the past few years have forever changed the face of healthcare and self-care. As recently as 5 years ago, looking for holistic and effective therapy for universal hurts– like trauma and anxiety– was like looking for a needle in a hay stack. There were lots of therapists out there but not many who truly specialized in somatic interventions that focus on releasing trauma and anxiety from the BODY AND MIND. Also some people held shame around seeking out a professional to help them.

In this old paradigm, society expected you to carry the whole burden on your own. Talking about mental health and being overwhelmed by so-called “simple tasks” like working in a toxic environment or dropping the kids off would only result in raised eyebrows and whispers behind your back. People were socialized to repress how they felt and drown out their inner voice, in order to remain “productive”. This often resulted in worsening symptoms and lots of self judgement. We were never meant to tackle all of life’s problems alone. And you don’t have to. “A burden shared is a burden halved.”

People have started waking up to the fact that getting help for areas that you may struggle with is the ultimate life hack. It’s hard to drive somewhere you’ve never been without a GPS these days, sometimes its nice to be open to support and direction from someone who has already been to the destination. As licensed mental health professionals, we’ve championed the importance of therapy and mental health for decades. Trauma, anxiety, depression, and so many other mental burdens are easier to shoulder with the guidance of a compassioante, unbiased, and trained professional – one who knows how to get you the results you are looking for. Think feeling free, feeling clear, and feeling confident.

It’s true that until very recently, prioritizing mental health in society was taking a backseat. But that doesn’t make it any less necessary in creating a life that is centered around stability, clartiy, peace, and joy. We’re thrilled to see mental well-being finally gaining global recognition as a crucial part of human wellness.

Basically, online therapy is right for you if you’re ready to regain control of your life—on your own terms. It’s right for you if you’re sick of trying to force yourself to “fit the mold” of what a productive, successful life “should” look like. You get to decide what your own definition of success is and create a life that is in line with that vision.

Most importantly, online therapy is right for you if you want to learn how to love yourself and the life you live every single day.

Why choose online therapy?

With the ever-changing circumstances in the world around us, you can trust that meeting with your therapist online will remain a constant. Whether near or far, not a moment goes by without shifts to daily life as we know it. Many people experience anxiety, and other wanted symptoms in response to these ongoing shifts. The uncertainties and constant changes of life can be hard. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE.

That’s where we come in! We specialize in online therapy here at Holistic Mental Health Counseling Services in the New York State area and we’ll soon be offering services in New Jersey.

​Wherever you are, whatever your schedule is like, your therapist will be just one click away. No traveling, no waiting rooms, and no worrying about the weather.

You can enjoy the convenience of meeting with your therapist from the comfort of your own home while drinking coffee out of your favorite mug 🙂

How does online therapy work?

Here’s how our online therapy works:

  • No preparation required for your first session, just be yourself
  • Your therapist may ask a few questions to get to know you and your reasons for attending therapy
  • You’ll also discuss what you’d like to get out of the journey, and can start forming goals, If you are interested in somatic therapy you’ll identify triggers that you want to release
  • Depending on which treatments your therapist recommends, you may receive minor “homework” to work on before the next session, like journaling or thought exercises (this is optional)
  • You can book follow-up sessions one by one or book for a few months out at a time
  • You’ll continue working with your online therapist from the comfort of your own home. Feel free to enjoy a warm cup of tea or prepare however you like for each session
  • As time goes on, both of you will check-in on your goals and progress. Adjustments can be made anytime you or your therapist feel one is needed. Every member of our team is committed to helping you reclaim wellness with a holistic approach.

What you need to know about online therapy sessions

Our practice is staffed entirely by licensed and permitted mental health counselors who have specialized training in somatic interventions for trauma. We go way beyond talk therapy and address trauma and anxiety on a neurological level. These somatic interventions release trauma and anxiety trapped inside your body, so that you can live free from limitations it’s creating in your life. We listed our accreditations on our website in the interest of transparency.

This is because certifications are one of the most important things to look for when you’re considering online therapy sessions. Especially with text-based apps, it’s hard to know exactly who’s talking with you.

Basically, you need to know that you’re working with an accredited professional before moving forward with online therapy sessions.

You also need to know if you can communicate well via a virtual appointment. Some people struggle to communicate openly during a video appointment versus being in a room with their therapist.

If you’ve, for example, struggled to focus and communicate on every video call you’ve had—even with loved ones—you may struggle with online therapy.

Online therapy vs. In-person

Just like in-person therapy, online therapy takes many different forms. IFS, CBT, brainspotting, talk therapy, and treatment for anxiety, depression, low self esteem and trauma (and more) are all specialties we offer here.

Much research is still needed to compare the benefits of text-based online therapy to traditional in-person therapy. But when it comes to phone calls or video chats, studies show you’ll experience the same rewards as in-person. Some people feel it is more effective because they didn’t have to work to build safety inside a therapy office, they get to do their sessions from their built-in safe space, their home.

Video calls are great because you and your therapist can see one another. They can pick up on nonverbal cues like your body language, an important detail that’s missed in text-based online therapy. Did you know that 80% of communication is non-verbal? That’s a very important piece of the pie that is needed when making sure you are getting the best care possible.

Online therapy benefits

Some of the many benefits of online therapy include:

  • If you have a busy lifestyle, or large family, it makes carving out time for you so much easier
  • Research shows online therapy may be just as powerful as in-person sessions
  • Access from any location with internet or a data connection
  • No need to worry about traffic, parking, timing, or any of the usual logistics
  • Easier to schedule around work or other commitments than in-person therapy
  • Much more accessible if your have physical limitations of any kind
  • Super-convenient since you attend from the safety of your own home
  • Online therapy can help you grow psychologically stronger, making life easier to handle


There’s no point in pursuing a treatment if it won’t be effective. Talk therapy alone simply does not resolve certain symptoms. Trauma and anxiety are stored in the body and require the use of somatic therapy interventions in order to be released. And you can fully participate in all these interventions ONLINE, without even having to leave your house!

As we mentioned earlier, studies on online therapy have found it’s just as beneficial as in-person therapy. The key finding so far has been that face-to-face communication is key. Texting just doesn’t give your therapist the same insight as when they can hear your voice or see your face and posture.

And online therapy has been found effective for many common mental health issues. Trauma, depression, panic disorder, social anxiety, and general anxiety can all be treated effectively with online therapy, according to studies and also according to the 100s of patients we have seen reach their therapeutic goals using online therapy with us for years.

Does online therapy work or is it effective?

Yes, online therapy works to effectively treat many of the issues affecting people today. Our online therapy takes this one step further thanks to our holistic & somatic approach.

When you choose us for your mental healthcare, your therapist will delve deeper than traditional talk therapy. Trauma and anxiety are stored in the body and signal danger to the brain causing unwanted symptoms, at just the wrong moments in your life. Through our use of somatic therapy interventions, we help you help your brain rewire itself for safe and healthy connection. The beautiful thing is that it can all be done using face to face video appointments.

These somatic interventions require face to face connection and depend on reading facial and eye cues and tone of voice. We want you to feel completely supported, seen, and heard throughout your therapeutic experience. Our ultimate mission is helping you heal, learn, and grow into the version of yourself that is most authentic to you. If you consistently show up to your appointments ready to do the work, you’ll emerge from your online therapy journey with clarity, a stronger sense of self, and confidence about how to move forward in areas of your life that used to cause confusion and anxiety.

What types of online therapy are available?

We offer quite a few types of online therapy, like CBT, brainspotting, IFS, talk therapy, and online therapy for anxiety, depression, or trauma specifically.

But don’t worry about being labeled and stuck with one type of therapy. Each of our therapists are trained in a multitude of therapeutic interventions and they are all trained in 1 or more somatic therapy interventions. This allows us to create a custom treatment plan for what you need right now, rather than defaulting to what some old textbook recommends for your diagnosis.

Online Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety issues are most commonly treated by online CBT therapy paired with other appropriate options. Depending on the type of anxiety and degree to which it impacts your life, your therapist will craft a blend of therapies for anxiety. We have seen IFS ( Internal Family Systems Therapy ) be very successful in working with anxiety, as there are often anxious survival traits formed early in life that benefit from having a space to be heard and integrated.

We understand how hard it can be to pick up the phone and ask for help. It is a courageous act of self love to ask for help when the world has taught us that it isn’t safe to do so.

Online therapy is especially great for dealing with anxiety because it removes so many of the obstacles, like getting across town to your appointment on time or feeling paralyzed while trying to decide what to wear.

Online Therapy for Depression

Depression and the accompanying symptoms are most often treated with talk therapy, CBT, and IFS therapy. This issue can manifest in so many different ways, which is why we don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” online therapy for depression. We meet you where you are at and make sure we’re starting therapy at a pace and level in which you are comfortable and ready, and build front there using small steps until we gain momentum together.

Depression can make it hard to get out of bed each day, let alone sit in traffic on the way to a therapy appointment.

Online therapy for depression is so effective because you can focus on the root of your burden. Instead of showing up to an in-person appointment already feeling defeated by the commute, you’ll start in a comfy spot at home.

From this safe space, it’s much easier to focus on healing.

Online Therapy for Trauma

Trauma impacts the lives of so many people, and yet it’s only recently been recognized as a widespread problem. Many people like you struggle to get therapy for trauma because you have to jump through so many hoops—which can seem nearly impossible under the weight you’re carrying.

Trauma can physically change your brain and nervous system, plus cause other issues like flashbacks, avoidance, anxiety, and depression.

Our online therapy for trauma focuses on taking things one step at a time, building up your strength, and soothing your nervous system.

All therapy must be customized to the individual, but especially so when it comes to trauma. Your therapist will get to know you and what you’re going through to recommend the right treatment plan for your unique journey. Using somatic therapy interventions, we can unpair the chemical fear responses in your body from the situations that trigger it.

Is online therapy covered by insurance?

Depending on your insurance provider, your online therapy may be covered by insurance. As this option becomes more common across the US, more insurance providers are willing to partner with online therapy practices.

Always check with any online therapist you’re considering. When your mental health is already less than ideal, an unexpected medical bill is the last thing you want to deal with.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of finding the cheapest option, sometimes you just want to feel better, get relief, get results and it’s worth every penny to experience the freedom and ease that comes from working with a specialist that has extensive knowledge of how to help you get there.

What online therapy takes insurance?

We accept insurance here at Holistic Mental Health Counseling Services NY.

Currently we accept United Healthcare through Oxford, UMR, and UHC Resource Plans as in-network. If you have one of these plans, you’ll pay just the co-pay assigned by your insurance.

Most insurance companies that offer out-of-network benefits have partnered with us. So if your insurance plan includes these benefits, odds are you’ll get a discount on the cost of your sessions.

We are an official out-of-network provider for:

  • Magnacare
  • Value Options
  • Empire BCBS
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Beacon (often through Emblem / GHI Plans)
  • Emblem Health / GHI

With these providers, you typically have out-of-network benefits which discounts 30 – 60% of your cost per session.

Providers that don’t offer these out-of-network benefits, and therefore can’t be accepted at our practice, are:

  • 1199 Plans
  • HMO Plans
  • Medicaid and Medicare Plans (Community Plan, BCBC through Medicaid, Health Plus, Health First, Emblem Health Advanced Care)


Therapy costs can vary from. A lot of times, the majority of in-network providers will be the most affordable options BUT many of them are not trained in the specific specialty you need or they can’t guarantee you a spot every week.

Can you afford to waste your time and emotional energy seeing someone who cannot help you get where you want to be in life, just to keep starting over with a new therapist every 6 months because you weren’t getting results?

If your answer is NO, prioritize finding a therapist that specializes in the therapy interventions that have the best results with your symptoms and don’t settle. We strive to be clear and upfront in our pricing to make things as easy as possible.

How much does online therapy cost?

Our online therapy price depends on if we’re in network with your insurance, if you can use out-of-network benefits, or if you’re paying completely out of pocket.

If you’re insured but we’re out of your network, you will probably get a discount. Find out if your plan includes out-of-network benefits, in which case you can save an average of 30 – 60% off each appointment’s cost.

We’ll work with you privately to give you an estimate and then speak to your insurance company and determine the exact cost of your sessions. Contact us to discuss your unique situation and find out what type of costs to expect.


Online therapy wouldn’t benefit anyone if it wasn’t customizable to your needs. Our licensed mental health professionals are able to treat you with whichever modality best suits your current situation.

Online IFS Therapy

IFS, or Internal Family Systems, is a powerful and evidence-based modality of psychotherapy. During online IFS therapy, you can expect a focus on your internal self and get to know your parts (parts of you that developed to protect you in stressful situations).

But not in a personality disorder kind of way. Rather, think of your meanest inner critic or fragile inner child. Online IFS therapy examines these often wounded parts of your thought processes, and gives them a place to be expressed, heard, and understood. IFS gives them an opportunity to release the burdens they have been carrying for years and chance to be integrated with the core self to create a cohesive way of living.

This therapy can help treat a wide range of mental health challenges, like depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and substance abuse. We can’t say enough about the amazing results we have seen from this somatic therapy intervention.

Online CBT Therapy

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a flexible modality that can aid in treating both mental and physical health challenges. During online CBT therapy, you can expect to focus on the interconnectedness of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts.

You see, your thoughts affect your feelings and behaviors. Your behaviors affect your thoughts and feelings. Your feelings affect your thoughts and behaviors.

CBT therapy has been proven to help break unhelpful habits in terms of thinking and behaving, which lead to many psychological issues. You’ll focus on where you are right now in life and what’s happening around you, rather than digging deep into family history or trauma. You’ll identify and reframe unhealthy thinking patterns, and free yourself from negative and anxiety producing mindsets.

Online Brainspotting Therapy

Brainspotting therapy is a modality which allows you to break unwanted habits, heal your pain, let go of past hurts, and soothe your nervous system. It’s great for identifying aspects you’d like to work on in therapy. During online brainspotting therapy, you can expect a treatment that ties physical nuances to issues you’re carrying.

Essentially, you’ll identify a focus for the session. You and your therapist will observe what you sense and experience while focusing on that topic, both in the body, emotionally and mentally.

From here, you’ll work together to release the tension while rebooting and restabilizing your brain. Online brainspotting therapy is an evolution of the widely known EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

This intense, powerful therapy examines aspects of your past, present, and future, and how those experiences manifest in neurophysiological ways in the present. You’re literally rewiring your brain to produce less anxiety and stress chemicals.

Online Talk Therapy

Online talk therapy is a very well-known and effective modality that partners well with many other treatments. During your online talk therapy appointment, you can expect to speak with your therapist about behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

When you speak aloud what’s going on in your head, it gets easier to identify harmful thought patterns and negative self-talk. This is a great way to build trust in therapy and build a safe dynamic that can hold space for you to unpack deeper issues.

Our emotions are truly a gift—they let you know when something in life isn’t quite right. By talking through everything with an unbiased and experienced mental health professional, you can explore the information they are giving you and create a plan together to best address your needs and goals.


Which online therapy is best?

We believe our online therapy here at Holistic Mental Health Counseling Services NY is the best option for people who experience trauma and anxiety and are ready to see major shifts. While subscription-based therapy apps are popular as of late, we don’t believe in gamifying your mental health. We take your personal needs seriously.

We are serious about staying up to date on the latest and best methods to help you achieve your goals. We work best with clients who are serious about prioritizing their well being.

We’ve done the back end work to be able to accept several different forms of insurance and charge on a by-appointment basis.

You’ll never be hit with monthly or weekly charges for a service you aren’t using, unlike many of the apps available today.

Can online therapists prescribe medication?

No, our online therapists can’t prescribe medication.

But as a holistic mental health counseling center, prescriptions aren’t our go-to solution anyway. Your therapist can educate you about somatic techniques that remove a lot of your unwanted symptoms without medication and can provide you with a referral for a naturopath, nutritionist, or psychiatrist if needed.

Can online therapists diagnose you?

Yes, our online therapists can diagnose you. Our team consists of empathetic, dedicated licensed mental health counselors.

But you should also know that we see beyond your diagnosis. We’re more interested in treating you and your unique needs than labeling you with a diagnosis. A diagnosis just makes it easier to group symptoms and identify the best modalities to work with them. It is not set in stone and it does not define you!

Are online therapists legit?

Yes, our online therapists are completely legit! We’re all experienced, educated, and permitted to offer you a new experience in therapy!

Your online therapist will get to know the real you and your most important goals. This allows us to recommend treatment that truly aligns with your needs.

Is online therapy worth it?

Yes, online therapy is worth it in so many ways:

  • Save money and time since you aren’t commuting
  • No stress about what to wear or where to park or when to leave
  • And most importantly, get all the same benefits of in-person therapy!

What should I look for in an online therapist?

Look for the following during your search for an online therapist:

  • Therapist certification or credentials
  • A price you are willing to pay to invest in yourself
  • Ideally someone that takes your insurance
  • Someone who can relate to your gender, age, ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation
  • Specialties that align with your needs*** (think specialized trainings)

And don’t be afraid to try different therapists. If you really don’t click with one online therapist, avoid wasting repeated sessions—plus time and money—seeing them.

Why do people choose online therapy?

People choose online therapy because it offers unique benefits; it’s convenient, comfortable, and accessible.

Ignoring your mental health can cast a long shadow across every aspect of your life—relationships, your job, hobbies, goals… they’re all impacted by your mental well-being.

Wellness is your birthright. If you’re ready to find joy and meaning in every day life, just click the button below to request an appointment or give us a call 917-781-0041.

What to expect from the first online therapy session?

You don’t need to do anything to prepare for the session, just be yourself. Your therapist may ask you a few questions to get to know you better and get a general idea of why you came to therapy, what you’re hoping to get out of the experience, and if you like you can begin to form the goals that you would like to set for therapy.