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Counseling Near Me in New Jersey

Holistic Mental Health Counseling Services and Psychotherapy in New Jersey

Holistic Mental Health Counseling Near Me in New Jersey

We’ve been working really hard to offer the advanced somatic counseling experience we offer in New York to New Jersey & it’s finally here! Holistic Mental Health Counseling has expanded into New Jersey and we are excited to bring you the full range of services we have been offering our clients since 2015. We specialize in helping our clients remove trauma and anxiety trapped in the body, through somatic therapies like IFS, Brainspotting & AEDP. We remain committed to bringing you the latest and most effective treatment available to help you overcome symptoms like anxiety, panic, dissociation, and self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back. At Holistic Mental Health Counseling New Jersey, we believe that WELLNESS IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT & we are committed to helping you achieve the overall wellness in your life that you deserve!

Sometimes, even when you try your best, you might feel like life is just too much to navigate on your own. You don’t have to! It’s not that you aren’t good enough. You’re resilient and you know what you want. And yet, some days are still clouded by feelings of frustration, dread, insecurity, difficult relationships or fear things will never get better.

You already have what it takes to live the life you know you deserve! All you need is some unbiased guidance—an expert in your corner who’s on your side and who can teach you the tools to deal with whatever life throws your way. If you experience uncomfortable physical symptoms in tandem with anxiety such as rapid breathing, tightness in the chest, hypervigilance, or fear of certain places people or things; these are signs that you need to go beyond “talk therapy” & seek out a therapist trained in somatic therapy that specializes in removing trauma from the body. Other common signs that you might benefit from somatic therapy are : feeling stuck in dysfunctional relationships patterns, people pleasing, and being highly self critical.

At Holistic Mental Health Counseling Services, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. We’re now accepting patients in need of New Jersey counseling services.

NJ Counseling Services We Provide

The New Jersey counseling services we provide include:

  • Trauma therapy: Trauma affects more than just your mind—it can cause physical pain and other symptoms, too. Our counselors will help you work through the symptoms and start enjoying life again.
  • Anxiety therapy. It’s no secret that life in these modern times is just… a lot. Whether your anxiety is tied to specific triggers or casts a shadow over your daily life, we’ll teach you tools to reduce these symptoms and break free from being helding back.
  • Online therapy. Counseling sessions should be a safe, calm space for you. That’s hard when you’re trapped on the NJ Turnpike or fighting for parking. With online therapy, you never have to leave your favorite cozy spot at home. No waiting rooms, no rushing & no traffic! Your therapist is  just one click away.
  • PTSD counseling. PTSD is a long-term condition that causes flashbacks and other symptoms which interfere with your life. But you don’t have to deal with it alone. We take a holistic approach to treat PTSD on a neurological level.
  • Psychotherapy. Working with one of our psychotherapists will help you understand any negative thoughts or feelings, and more importantly, navigate them masterfully. If you’re spending hours each day worrying about specific issues or feeling apathetic overall, psychotherapy is a good choice.
  • Depression counseling. Depression, when left unchecked, can become a serious mental illness. Our counselors look beyond your symptoms, get to know you on a deep level, and guide you through treating the symptoms.
  • Brainspotting. Brainspotting, like EMDR, rewires your brain on a neurophysiological level. From PTSD to anxiety, this transformative modality teaches your brain things like when to—and when not to—produce stress chemicals.
  • CBT therapy. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) enables you to notice illogical, harmful thought patterns and work through them. With your newfound awareness, you’ll learn problem-solving skills that serve you for the rest of your life & help you create empowering stories instead of disempowering ones.
  • IFS therapy. IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy is an incredibly powerful, yet little-known modality. If you’ve ever felt completely torn while making a big decision, or find yourself self-sabotaging now and then, IFS therapy teaches you about accepting the different facets of your true self & accessing the real you.
  • Panic attack counseling. We all go into “fight or flight” mode sometimes. But when these instincts kick in after your boss gives you some feedback, they aren’t serving you well. Panic attack counseling can help you manage and overcome these symptoms in a holistic, healthy way.
  • Talk therapy. During these sessions, you’ll talk with one of our licensed trauma informed counselors about your behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. You’ll work together to identify harmful patterns and take control of your life.
  • Group therapy. Sometimes what you’re really missing in life is clarity and a space to release anxiety or trauma you’re holding onto. That’s exactly what group therapy is perfect for. Our group therapy helps you connect with people like you, while rebuilding trust and confidence in yourself. We’re not supposed to go through life alone, and group therapy can create a sense of  belonging & being understood that will help you make progress.

Our dedicated, passionate mental health professionals are always learning more. Every one of us strives to serve and support you through our commitment to continuing education. We have all been trained in somatic therapies and continue to engage in the latest training that target trauma, anxiety, and other issues so that we can make them available to you!

Frequently Asked Questions About NJ Counseling

Are There Counseling Services in New Jersey That Offer Support for Specific Issues Such as Grief, Trauma?

Yes, you can find New Jersey counseling services for specific issues like grief, trauma, and so much more. You see, the world of mental health has evolved massively in recent years!

Odds are you’ve heard of “talk therapy” or one of its many other names. But depending on what you’re going through, sometimes talking it out just doesn’t make an impact. And frankly, recent studies have shown that talk therapy isn’t universally a great choice.

So, you’re smart to be looking for New Jersey counseling that’s tailored to your unique needs.

We’re happy to say the specializations and training of our trauma informed therapists mean we can support your recovery from specific conditions, issues, and triggers. When you contact us, just let us know a bit about what you’re going through. We’ll take it from there!

How Can I Find a Qualified and Licensed Counselor in New Jersey?

The best way to find a qualified and licensed counselor in New Jersey is by:

  • Deciding what specializations, if any, you’d like your counselor to have
  • Researching online to find experienced providers that suit your needs
  • Read through reviews and any other available info on their professional website or watch their videos on social media to get a sense of what they offer
  • Choose a counselor in New Jersey based on what you learn during this process

And if you’re reading this, you’ve already found an option for New Jersey counseling services. Our staff of caring and dedicated therapists allows us to provide therapy for a wide range of issues and conditions, from anxiety to trauma to relationship issues… and so much more.

Wondering whether our holistic mental health counseling might be the right fit for you? You can learn more about our team or contact us with any questions! We also have some great inspirational and psychoeducational videos on our website, instagram, tiktok & youtube channel.

Can New Jersey Counseling Services Be Accessed Online or Through Teletherapy?

Yes, depending on the provider you choose, New Jersey counseling services are accessible online and/or through teletherapy. Every setting handles this process differently. But there are federal HIPAA laws in place that every licensed provider must adhere to.

Here at Holistic Mental Health Counseling, we specialize in providing online therapy. This option is great because you don’t have to fight traffic, look for parking, or sit around in a waiting room.

Are There Counseling Services in New Jersey That Offer Sliding Scale Fees Based on Income?

Yes. However most therapist’s unfortunately do not, especially if they have extensive training. We do our best to help you get the most out of your coverage and employ clinicians at different experience levels to offer a higher and lower range of pricing options. You can learn more on our FAQ page, but you won’t be able to get an exact dollar amount for your own sessions there. If you give us a call we’ll work with you privately to figure out your fees, based on the therapist you choose and your coverage.

Still Not Sure if Counseling is Right for You?

If you’ve never met with a counselor or therapist before, getting started can seem like a lot of work. And we understand how much mental bandwidth it can take to do the research, figure out your budget, and finally book a session that works with your schedule.

That’s why we make it as easy as possible to discuss and book whichever New Jersey counseling services you need.

You deserve to finally ease the daily burden you’ve been carrying alone all this time. With support from one of our qualified, licensed, and experienced counselors, you can release what’s weighing you down and step into the life you’ve always wanted. You might be wondering “ can I afford to meet with a therapist?” But ask yourself, where your life will be in 6 months or a year without help. Can you afford not to?

Trauma isn’t just stored in your mind—it’s present in your body, too. Our dissociation therapists use somatic modalities, which impact both your mental and physical health. It’s normal, therefore, to experience a few mild side effects like heightened sensitivity.

Call us today at (917) 781-0041 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help.

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