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Healing Your Relationship with Yourself

Healing Your Relationship with Yourself

It’s no secret that one of the most challenging relationships you can face in life is the one you have with yourself. Study after study has examined what exactly is so difficult about accepting ourselves for who we are.

But you can take the first step towards healing this relationship today.

And you should—after all, those same studies discovered that offering greater self-acceptance can seriously improve your emotional well-being.

Keep reading to learn more about healing your relationship with yourself, the huge emotional benefits you unlock by doing so, and, of course, for clear instructions on how you can start this process today.

What is Self-Acceptance?

Self-acceptance is when you truly embrace and accept every single one of your unique attributes, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative.

Accepting yourself in this way is unconditional—you’ll still recognize weaknesses or flaws you’d like to work on, but you still feel satisfied and at peace with who you are. Even in terms of past choices that don’t sit right with you, you’ll forgive your past self.

Plus, happiness and self-acceptance are more intertwined than you might initially think. Of course, being comfortable with every aspect of your true self can be so powerful. By working on this one area, you’ll feel much more positive and confident.

But accepting yourself can help you shake off habits you’ve been battling for ages.

Do you often seek clear approval from others around you? How many opportunities do you refuse because you’re afraid of failing? Are you ever mired in negative or ‘gray’ emotions for no identifiable reason?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, there’s a good chance that healing your relationship with yourself can help you see both yourself and the world in a completely different light.

The Unbreakable Tie Between Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

So, now you know self-acceptance is when you fully embrace and accept every single facet of yourself, positive or negative.

Self-love is the next step up the staircase, so to speak—it means not only do you fully accept yourself, but that you offer yourself respect and kindness, and prioritize your well-being and growth.

Just a few benefits of fostering self-love include:

  • Feeling less stressed and more motivated, since your inner self-critic is under control
  • Being ready and willing to take good risks, like trying something new with a loved one
  • Boosting your empathy, making both communication and supporting struggling friends easier
  • Higher self-efficacy, meaning you trust in your ability to do your best and achieve your goals
  • Better boundary-setting skills in all areas of life, from work to family to personal boundaries

And the truth is, you just can’t offer self-love before you’ve accepted yourself. After all, if you’re still ashamed of any part of your personality or past, it’ll be difficult to offer yourself true kindness and respect. When you can learn to create a judgment free space for yourself and love yourself through the hard moments, you’ve already begun healing!

You have the power to take the first step today, right here, right now!

Self-Healing: The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do Today

Ultimately, the process we’re about to describe can help you heal many aspects you may be struggling with. As you’ve likely learned through life experience, chasing happiness only makes you feel even unhappier.

But the self-healing you’re about to embark on involves no chasing whatsoever.

Simply ask yourself, “How much do I accept myself as I am in all states, no matter what my mood is, no matter how much money I have, no matter what’s going on in my relationships, how much do I love and accept myself?”

You see, accepting yourself is the most radical, powerful thing you can do. By doing so, you’ve broken free of the “state of resistance” we all tend to get tangled up in while navigating day-to-day life.

As soon as you stop these resistant tendencies and rewrite the script, you’ll also stop judging yourself. You won’t find yourself berating your own actions, or thinking “things need to be different before I can feel okay” or “I should be doing something else.” Those unrealistic expectations and that pressure you put on yourself won’t be there anymore.

You’ll stop grasping onto shame whenever something doesn’t go exactly as you hoped.

Instead, you’ll finally have the freedom and deep sense of acceptance to pour everything from your core self. You have within you an unlimited reserve of love and understanding… but you must unblock it by offering yourself true acceptance. Often this skill is not taught to us in childhood and we carry negative self talk into adulthood. But with the right therapist that critical inner voice can be overcome.

You’ll also have the ability to apply deep love and understanding to other areas of your life that maybe don’t look the way you want. Hurdles and impasses where you’ve felt stuck, ashamed, or afraid will begin to soften, to lighten.

All because you’ve created a safe container of self-acceptance, somewhere to hold space for yourself and accept all that you truly are. No matter what state you’re in emotionally or what challenges you’re up against, self-acceptance will always help you see the light and the path to step forward.

Give Yourself a Healing Experience, Starting Now

In a way, your relationship with yourself is the longest one in your entire life. Nobody else is privy to every single one of your inner thoughts, day in and day out.

That’s why healing your relationship with yourself is so important. Fostering self-acceptance doesn’t require all of your energy, either. Just start by asking yourself the question we mentioned above. “How much do I love and accept myself as I am in all states?

If you want to improve your level of self-acceptance or want to learn more about working through this transformation with one of our certified mental health counselors, schedule an online therapy session with Holistic Mental Health Counseling today at (917) 781-0041.


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